Get your own NFT bunny
and make money in meta-reality.

Be the one you wanted to
become for a while!

Meta Forest = |

First realverse project uniting real and virtual worlds

Using our help NFT projects can bring life in their collections

Bunny Collection

Genesis collection of 6464 Bunnies created by famous artist Nikita Zinchenko came to the METAFOREST RealVerse
to live a life, full of colors.


What can i do?

In our realverse you can interact with gaming objects and other players by your Bunny avatar. Avatars have different stats and rarity but you can increase your stats by making daily quests or earn tokens $Carrot

Depending on the rarity of your Bunny, the game avatar may have a different number of starting characteristics and the number of characteristics obtained per level

Metaforest nft



Create a unique look for your Bunny and make it stronger with 1000+ different accessories.


Compare 2 things of the same rarity to have a chance to get a item of higher rarity


Your bunnies will participate in the Personal Power Ranking and Earning Rankings, which will allow you to fairly share the rewards among the participants.


100.000 TON

Our project is in beta-test, so you are now in the testnet version. First Bunnies, depending on their progress, will receive rewards from the $100,000 prize pool.






Plant, water and harvest carrots.

All these tasks will require endurance and dexterity from you.
Keep walking in the reality and make the progress of your job in Metaforest

Talk about the farm and form a positive field.

All this will require from you not a hefty intellect and friendliness.

Invite your friends, talk about us on social networks, be active and earn $Carrot

Try your luck in the magic cave, each trip can bring you 1-3 magic boxes from which you can get unique items, crystals, or

Keep walking in the reality and make the progress of your job in Metaforest


Advertise the farm!


Rating live


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  • Setting up accounts in social networks
  • Team recruiting
2021 Q4
  • Developing Do&Earn module concept
  • Website building
  • Sketch Concept Art development
2022 Q1
2022 Q2
  • Community building
  • First Marketing campaign
  • Alpha version of Do&Earn module
  • Finalization of Genesis NFT collection
2022 Q3
  • First WL contest for 5000+ in social communities
  • Concept development of
  • 3 module eco-system
  • First pre-sales
  • Beta version of Do&Earn module development
  • Private sale
  • Public sale on TON
  • Close Beta test (Do&earn module)
2022 Q4
  • Registration of company in Dubai
  • Open Beta test (Do&earn module)
  • Closed Beta test of Metaverse
  • Analyzing Beta test results
  • Crosschain app and NFT collection development (TON, ETH, BNB)
  • International community building (Korean, Latin American, Middle East , English, Russian)
  • Integrations of NFT partner collections to eco-system
2023 Q1
  • AR module beta test
  • Governance token IDO
  • Governance token listing (DEX, CEX)
  • NFT Lands Sale
  • Launching app (Metaverse+Do&Earn)
  • Launch crosschain in-ecosystem Gaming NFT-Marketplace
  • Adding meditation and sleep to the app
  • Korean market marketing campaign
2023 Q2
  • Constructor module for NFT collections (Alpha)
  • AR module Launch
  • 100 000 DAU
  • Israel market marketing campaign
  • Constructor module for NFT collections (Beta)
  • Collaboration with streaming services
2023 Q3
  • Constructor module for NFT collections launch
  • South American Market marketing campaign
  • Japan market marketing campaign
2023 Q3
  • Token constructor and Launch Pad (Beta)
  • 500 000 DAU
  • Token constructor and Launch Pad (Official launch)
  • Liquidity platform and DEX contracts development
  • UI/UX development and optimizing of Launchpad, Liquidity pools and DEX modules

MetaForest team

more than 10 years in marketing

Maria Bukhalyova

over 20 successful projects in blockchain

Ekaterina Timchenko

6 years in design & illustration,
more than 1.6mln TikTok subscribers
Art Director

Nikita Zinchenko

6 years in PO, 2 years in blockchain


10 years in IT,
2 years in Blockchain

Maxim Gogolev

Partners collections